It’s Time To Add Spirit To Your C-Suite is revolutionizing the traditional corporate culture with an unexpected addition to their executive team: a Chief Spiritual Officer (CSO). This groundbreaking move isn’t about adding religious practices into the workday but rather about nurturing the intangible, electrifying connections that underpin the organization’s ethos.  Envision a workspace where the atmosphere is charged with not only […]

We’re all tired of DEI. Too bad…

When it comes to DEI, no one is having fun anymore. The advocates are tired of dealing with the people who think it is a “distraction”. And those who think it’s a distraction are tired of the people who won’t stop talking about it. So here we are. We’re stuck. The workshops are not making […]

The Right To Disconnect

Dr. Jessica shares insights on a California bill that would give employees the “right to disconnect” when they leave the office.

How to Get People to Give a Sh*t 

My Tedx talk, “How to Get People to Give a Sh*t,” came out a couple days ago!!!   The goal? To slice through the corporate fluff and get real about what lights the fire of engagement and accountability. We’re bypassing the usual band-aids of incentives and “programs” to strike at the heart of the matter. This […]

Dr. Jessica Kriegel’s TEDx Talk: How to Get People to Give a Sh*t 

We are proud to announce that our Chief Scientist of Workplace Culture, Dr. Jessica Kriegel’s TEDx talk, “How to Get People to Give a Sh*t,” is now live. In this presentation, Dr. Jessica delves into a crucial aspect of human behavior that resonates with our mission at Culture Partners: how to inspire genuine care and […]

Worker Burnout

Dr. Jessica shares insights on worker burnout on a recent News Nation broadcast.

The Experience of America’s Frontline Worker

By John Frehse, Senior Managing Director, Labor Strategy at Ankura and Dr. Jessica Kriegel, Chief Scientist of Workplace Culture at Culture Partners  With the current strength of the labor market, it is imperative to understand the sentiments of frontline employees to identify ways to help retain them. Culture Partners collaborated with Ankura, a global advisory firm, […]

If Your Leader Doesn’t Embody Company Culture…Why Follow It? 

Back in my early days of consulting, I ran into a CEO who thought attending a culture workshop was beneath them. My response? I fired the client. It was a no-holds-barred lesson in commitment or the glaring lack thereof.   Let’s not sugarcoat it: The backbone of any organizational culture is as strong or as […]

How Women Benefit the Bottom Line

Even when women aren’t employed by a company, they can have a huge impact on the bottom line. Dr. Jessica shares insights on how that’s possible on a recent PIX11 broadcast, Dr. Jessica Kriegel

The Inconvenient Truth About Wages and Company Culture 

I never thought I’d read an article in the New York Times about “Economic Vibes,” but here we are.  We are currently experiencing a disconnect between the data and the vibes when it comes to the economy. Wage growth outpaced inflation in 2023, but that means little to someone watching their paycheck get devoured by […]

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