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Thought Leaders Star in New Podcast Series

Join Dr. Jessica Kriegel, chief scientist of workplace culture, in a new series of podcasts where today’s top thought leaders discuss how to empower people and derive more value from your culture.


Experience 316% greater revenue growth through alignment.*

When you work with Culture Partners, you can create an adaptive culture and integrate change management to align it with your organization’s purpose and strategy, thereby driving better, more sustainable business results.

In fact, organizations that are fully aligned in this way, embracing change management as a core component of their strategy, experience 316% greater revenue growth than those that are unaligned.

* Stanford and Culture Partners 2023 Research

How we Align

Culture is Power.

As you face multiple headwinds—from economic uncertainty, to shifting labor force dynamics, to rapid technology changes, to declining employee engagement—your culture (how your employees think and act) has never been more important. It is what ultimately powers your ability to adapt and grow.

Empower your Culture

Know-how is what makes a stellar culture-revenue connection. Work with our culture consultants, who have a combined 277 years of experience and cross-industry expertise.

Global Expertise and Delivery

Tap into Culture Partner’s deep expertise in helping global organizations build better cultures for improved results. Working with industry-expert culture consultants, you’ll both anticipate and pinpoint critical shifts needed to drive more successful outcomes.

You’ll also receive guidance on how to implement your culture change process—so you can proceed at a pace that best fits your organization.

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Explore our newest research — learn how aligning purpose, strategy, and culture with our culture consultants can grow revenue by 316%.

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