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Your culture impacts business results in every aspect of your organization—even if you don’t fully understand how, where, and to what end. So, how do you transform your culture into a true business driver?

Culture Partners offers a core set of programs to move you toward a more adaptive culture and more accountability in the workplace.


The Culture Equation®

Organizations often find out the hard way that a good culture maximizes results, and a bad one can stagnate or reverse them. Unlike strategy, culture can seem “fluffy” to executives. So, you may be unsure how to operationalize it for the better. The Culture Equation is how you align purpose, strategy, and culture to achieve desired results. And Culture Partners’ expertise is what brings it to life.

You can begin your culture transformation through a two-day workshop or multi-year journey depending on your immediate goals.

  • The Culture Equation Workshop – You’ll align your team around purpose, strategic priorities, key measures of success, and the beliefs that will help get you there.
  • The Culture Equation Journey – You’ll follow a proven, prescriptive approach to align your culture with your organization’s purpose and strategy—iterating on success along the way for long-term ROI.


87% of executives say that their people lack accountability.*

The truth is a lack of accountability is rarely intentional. Your employees may be doing their best, but their efforts aren’t focused where they need to be due to misunderstandings and miscommunication. Or they only hear about accountability when something goes wrong—instead of receiving proactive guidance from management.

Working with Culture Partners, you can elevate accountability at every level. You’ll understand the difference between accountability vs. responsibility. Your workforce will see that doing their job is achieving the result, clarifying the end value of their work. As a result, you’ll encourage employees to step up, problem-solve, and make a real difference.

You can get started with a one-day workshop or engage in a multi-year journey depending on your immediate goals.

  • The Accountability Workshop – Your team will understand the power behind redefining accountability in a way that’s personal and proactive, plus how to foster positive accountability and close performance gaps in support of your strategy and priorities.
  • The Accountability Journey – You’ll follow a proven, multi-year process for embedding positive accountability across your organization, with employees taking increasing ownership of how they impact current and future results.
  • Accountability for Leaders – Is a one-day workshop that gives you powerful, proven tools for communicating and establishing clear expectations, and then empowering your team to deliver on them.

* Source: 2020 CP Culture Advantage Index


Are you like the 90% of executives and senior leaders who say: “I do like my team, but they don’t understand the financial side of the business as well as I’d like.”* This disconnect is understandable: executives live in the numbers, and average employees don’t. How do you bridge that gap? Through engagement in a simulation game like Zodiak®, during which your employees and front-line managers gain financial acumen in a spirited, fast-paced environment.

  • Zodiak – An engaging simulation that regularly receives a NPS score of +90 (tremendously high) from participants.

* Culture Partners customer survey

Culture Maps

Communicating a large-scale culture transformation isn’t easy. The Culture Map provides an immersive learning experience designed to promote the change and align teams on the path forward. Articulate the vision of your culture journey throughout your entire organization with this fully custom visual guide and facilitated activities. Also an excellent resource for onboarding, your Culture Map engages employees in thinking critically about the need for change, and reinforces your organization’s shared beliefs.

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Impact5: The Business of Leadership Game®

This interactive business simulation challenges your teams with a series of decisions. Their critical thinking skills are put to the test as they determine the short- and long-term impacts those decisions will have on their organization, customers, and financial results. In the end, this exercise strengthens core leadership accountabilities.

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Right Turns: Change in Action®

Right Turns is a powerful learning experience focused on change management, guiding your employees and managers to explore the realities of change and the path to future success. Whether your participants are dealing with organizational change or leading it, this dynamic learning session builds understanding, alignment, and commitment for any corporate strategy.

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