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Culture Equation® Journey

Organizations with full alignment of purpose, strategy, and culture experience an average +44.5% change in revenue over three years—unlike just +10.7% for those with partial alignment.

Source: Culture Partners and Stanford Research 2023

The Culture Equation
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Transform Your Culture for Better Results

Culture Partners Culture Equation

The Culture Equation

The Story of Your Organization

The starting point of your Culture Equation Journey is a workshop, where your leadership team will discuss critical questions about your organization:

Why do we exist?
Where are we going?
What are our long-term priorities?
What measurable results will evaluate our success along the way?

The answers to these questions will become your Culture Equation, a formula describing your organization’s purpose, strategy, culture, and the results you achieve. This equation tells the story of your organization.

Notice in the Culture Equation how culture has an exponential impact on results. Culture is key to improved results, but it isn’t easily managed. With guidance from our expert culture consultants, you’ll identify the shifts that need to take place in your current culture to achieve a new culture to power your results. Those shifts are distilled into a set of Cultural Beliefs, defining the culture that is aligned with your purpose, vision, strategy, and desired results.

Activate and Accelerate

With alignment achieved, you’ll select vital leaders:

Culture Lead–oversees the rollout, integration, Culture Committee, and quarterly culture reviews.

Culture Committee–builds a custom, tactical Culture Plan and is accountable for implementation.

Culture Champions–internal facilitators certified to deliver Culture Alignment workshops, rolling out the new culture, common language, and tools to your entire organization.

A key tool is your Culture Map®, a colorful, table-sized learning solution that communicates your Culture Equation with consistent, clear messaging. Your teams are noticeably engaged as they work together to explore the content, discuss issues, draw conclusions, and develop new insights, motivation, and commitment. And they’re smiling…because it’s fun. Competitive games, challenging scenarios, and realistic simulations ensure knowledge retention and influence desired behaviors on the job.

Culture Partners Zodiak

Expand Competencies

Strengthening business acumen for immediate, practical benefits is possible with Zodiak®, a game-based activity that brings deeper connection to company-specific metrics and decision-making. To ensure that daily efforts align with desired results, leaders, managers, and their teams upskill on holding others accountable—establishing expectations effectively and managing unmet expectations before they become costly problems and undermine results.


Culture is critical to everything we accomplish in organizations. Culture Partners has nailed it. Your firm has taken a concept that many find difficult to put their arms around and made it something you can operationalize.”

Julie Gerberding

CEO, Foundation for the National Institutes of Health

Long-Term ROI

You’ll engage in quarterly culture reviews, where Culture Partners listens, evaluates, and analyzes progress to keep your journey on track. At the end of each year, you’ll receive a comprehensive assessment of results to date, so you can focus your journey on areas with the greatest opportunity for advancement.

This includes measuring the ROI from culture, enabling you to understand in practical terms what your Culture Equation is bringing to organizational success. Every year, desired results are redefined and adjusted, and your equation is evaluated in the context of ever-present change.

Real-World Successes

Culture clients have achieved spectacular results such as a 300% increase in sales with only a 20% increase in staff, 119% growth in adjusted EBITDA, and a 57% reduction in call center times, among hundreds of other realized key metrics.

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