Below The Line® behaviors... a new workplace epidemic?

June, 12 2024

Are you struggling with employees whose performance is lagging? It’s often caused by employees feeling disengaged or overwhelmed, which could lead to some practicing “quiet quitting.” These undesirable, or Below The Line® (BTL), behaviors have profound effects on productivity and results in the workplace. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to change the workplace experience so that your teams operate with a positive, proactive mindset that promotes better outcomes.

Gain actionable insights about:

  • The most common types of BTL behaviors and identify which ones are continually showing up in your organization.
  • The negative impact of these BTL behaviors on both workplace culture and organizational results, including the influence of both “individual default BTLs” and “enterprise default BTLs.”
  • How to resolve issues caused by BTL behaviors by fostering new Above The Line®, or ATL, behaviors.

About the Speaker

Vince Martinez brings over 25 years of experience in facilitating, training, and business development as well as certification as a Master Trainer in Consultative Selling and Developmental Coaching. He has worked with companies around the world in a wide variety of industries, including the retail, education, IT, nonprofit, and publishing sectors.

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