Dr. Jessica Kriegel

Chief Scientis of Workplace Culture

Organizations fully aligned on purpose, strategy, and culture average a +44.5% change in revenue growth over three years.

The more you align your culture with your purpose and strategy, the more you’ll gain business advantage. Working with Culture Partners, you’ll define the desired culture, tie it to long-term business goals, and scale sustained behavior change and accountability throughout your organization.
Source: Culture Partners and Stanford Research 2023
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Drive Business Results Through Data-driven Insights on Strategy and Workplace Culture

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How to Get People to Give a Sh*t!

The secrete to igniting accountability

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When we anchor our professional endeavors in a clear, compelling purpose, we don’t just clock in and out. We engage. We innovate. We push boundaries. Because we’re not just working for a paycheck; we’re working for a cause, a vision, a shared goal that resonates deeply.

Dr. Jessica Kriegel

Chief Scientist of Workplace Culture at Culture Partners


Dr. Jessica Kriegel regularly appears in national media speaking about current culture topics, including data-driven culture strategy, workplace accountability and women in leadership.
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About Dr. Jessica

Understanding your culture starts with the right partner
Dr. Jessica Kriegel is driven by data and defined by results. She transforms corporate culture for success. As seen on CNBC, MSNBC, CNN, FOX Business, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Forbes, NBC and more, Dr. Jessica is a household name for workplace culture. Her renowned “Culture Equation” was acquired by Culture Partners in 2021, where she is currently Chief Scientist of Workplace Culture. She also serves as a Board Member on the Workforce Institute.

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Jessica gave an incredible keynote. She knocked it out of the park! She was referenced so many times throughout the rest of the program and was such a key part of the succes of our event.

Penny Goldsberry

Meeting Planner and Founder, Even One Meetings


Jessica is an inspiring presenter who truly understands the importance of culture and how it enables execution of strategy. She spent significant time studying our business plan, learning about our culture and then pulling it all together for the partnership. Jessica projects confidence but with a heavy does of authenticity.

Colin Murray

CEO of NA Region, Baker & McKenzie

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Ready to Test Your Culture Fitness?

“Jessica was the highest-rated speaker at our annual conference. She rocked the house!”
Each challenge, such as seeking focused feedback or exploring Below The Line® behaviors, is designed to enhance your cultural resilience. Embrace the opportunity, flex your culture muscles, and join us on a continuous journey towards a more collaborative and resilient workplace.

After attending Dr. Jessica Kriegel’s keynote on accountability as a driver of growth, I was thoroughly impressed by her strategies for cultivating personal responsibility and ownership in teams. Rather than top-down control, she compellingly argues that aligned purpose and passion light a fire within each employee to elevate their contributions. Any leader looking to activate their talent’s fullest potential would gain tremendous value from hearing Dr. Kriegel’s insightful and immediately actionable models for embedding accountability through inspiration rather than scrutiny.

Tobi Tungl

Chief Marketing Officer, CTI

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