Empower Women, Empower Your Organization

Research Determines the New Need to Engage Women in the Workplace

The glass ceiling not only still exists, it has evolved in the age of remote work to keep women out of leadership positions, our new research finds.

Analyzing data from nearly 5,000 individuals, we found that women scored consistently lower than men across five key indicators: 

  • Culture Strength
  • Engagement
  • Clarity of Organizational Results
  • Psychological Ownership
  • Personal Development

We used the same five indicators across 26 organizations to compare those that had a higher versus a lower percentage of women in leadership roles of director-level or above. The findings are striking: women at organizations with women in leadership reported a higher percentage of Culture Strength, Engagement, Clarity of Organizational Results, Psychological Ownership, and Personal Development. 

“We’re well past the time when the glass ceiling should have been shattered, and we shouldn’t even have to make this argument. But here we are,” said Jessica Kriegel, Chief Scientist of Workplace Culture, who led the study. “We shouldn’t be seeing women turned away from the workplace when there are clear ways to fulfill them with flexible schedules, a path toward promotion, and other incentives. And we’re seeing that when organizations invest in women and create truly inclusive cultures, they attract talent, decrease turnover, and strengthen themselves for the long game.”

Shattering the glass ceiling with a strong Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiative that includes paving the way for women in leadership means, for an organization, fulfillment for them in the workplace and a surge in Culture Strength.

Read our report, Empower Women, Empower Your Organization: The Value of Women in Leadership that includes actionable insights for how to widen and stabilize the path for women toward the top.

Jessica Kriegel will host a webinar on February 22, 2023 discussing the findings of this report and the new need to engage women in the workplace. The webinar will also be available on-demand for registrants.


Honoring its commitment to strengthening workplace cultures globally, Culture Partners researchers sourced a large employee data set (4,960 in 26 organizations) of survey responses with questions from Culture Partners’ key client measures over a recent three-year period for this study.

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