Don’t Get Stuck in the Problem: Invest in Workplace Culture

A theory. We’re obsessed with the problem, not the solution

Take “toxic culture.” The phrase pops up again and again and while identifying and rooting out toxicity in workplace culture is crucial, we’re also fueling an endless media feedback loop with our focus. 

We’re problem-obsessed when we should be solutions-driven.

Why do we remain problem-obsessed? It’s human nature: identifying a problem and calling it out can feel good. Coming to clarity about problems within your organization, after accountability is taken, recreates psychological safety and alignment. It can be hard after a psychological reckoning about toxic work culture to progress into a solutions mode, which requires stepping away from the activity of problem identification.

Also, there’s the issue of time. Within a Culture Equation Journey™, there’s an undefined necessary period of understanding why toxic experiences have shaped workplace beliefs. To move into this more social-sensitive thinking does not have a one-size-fits-all time period. 

The real case for investing in workplace culture? Working with these nuances — and moving from a focus on problems into a solutions-driven mindset.

Jessica Kriegel, our Chief Scientist of Workplace Culture, dug deep with Robin Dreeke into the necessity of becoming solutions-driven and the nuances of “reverse-engineering your culture” to focus on solutions by centering results. Listen to the podcast for more insights on how to move from a problem-obsessed mindset and ready your organization for change.

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