Storytelling and the L&D Connection

Jessica Kriegel

When we think of great storytelling, we think of the stories we remember — the ones that cut through the noise like a bullet to the brain. Stories are the most powerful way we have of reaching each other and, in within our workplace cultures, they play an anchoring role in unifying your people within a shared purpose.

Listen here as our Chief Scientist of Workplace Culture, Jessica Kriegel, talks with Brian Washburn about her experience as a keynote speaker — and the connection between storyteller and keynote audience that resonates within the Learning & Development space:

“All of the decisions in an employee’s L&D journey creates an experience for the employee that shapes their beliefs about how important learning is to the organization, how important they are as an employee to the organization, and the extent to which the organization is willing to invest in them. And the belief that you foster in that employee based on the L&D experiences they have is going to develop actions — not just about what they’re learning in training. This is the difference between an employee who really gives a rip about the work and who doesn’t. If I feel like you don’t care about me, I’m not going to care about this.”

— Jessica Kriegel, Chief Scientist of Workplace Culture

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