Setting and Meeting Realistic Goals

Your Question:
“How do you create a culture where realistic goals are set and met?”

We hear this question a lot. In fact, it’s an issue that affects most people and organizations.

Our Answer:
There is a sequence to creating accountability. Step one always involves clearly defining desired results. Whether you refer to these desired results as must deliverables, key expectations, or realistic goals, we’re talking about what has to happen for the organization to be successful. This vitally important step of setting and meeting realistic goals that define what has to happen for the organization to be successful is best approached through robust conversation. How are people in your organization really feeling about what’s on their plates and what’s possible in terms of results? To find out, you must have a healthy two-way dialogue about what your people are really facing and what really has to happen in the organization to achieve the desired results. Real goals are best formed through real dialogue.

Examples, Illustrations, Facts, and Figures:
In our last webinar, we asked over 1500 registrants to respond to a few probing questions about their work. Here’s how they responded.

Do I find myself feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work that I have to do?
83% responded Often or All the time

Do I feel I am in a no-win situation?
55% responded Maybe or Yes

Do I think I will miss some deadlines?
82% responded Maybe or Yes

Do I believe things will stay pretty stressed in the future with no “relief” in sight?
75% responded Yes or Not sure

Do I feel stressed about the mounting priorities and my ability to complete them?
79% responded Somewhat or Totally

Do I feel that I am unable to succeed because of my workload?
62% responded Sometimes or All the time

What’s the key take-away here? If you want your people to consistently set and meet realistic goals, make sure you know what issues and concerns they’re facing, how they’re really feeling about their workload and priorities, why they’re getting bogged down or breaking through, and when they’re expecting to deliver on your key expectations. Ongoing robust conversations about accountability and results are essential to creating and maintaining organizational cultures where realistic goals are consistently set and met.

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