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We’re excited to now be a part of Culture Partners—a leader in helping organizations shape their cultures to drive results. Founded in 1989 by the authors of the best-selling books The Oz Principle and Change the Culture, Change the Game, Culture Partners brings decades of proven culture management expertise to clients around the world.

Today, our experiential learning tools are integrated within Culture Partners’ core offerings, including the flagship product Zodiak: The Game of Business Finance and Strategy. This means that organizations have an even more effective way to engage and empower employees as they work to accelerate and sustain desired results.

Culture Partners Zodiak


Are you among the 90% of executives and senior leaders who say: “I do like my team, but they don’t understand the financial side of the business as well as I’d like.” This disconnect is understandable: executives live in the numbers, and average employees don’t.

How do you bridge that gap? Through engagement in a simulation game like Zodiak, during which your employees and front-line managers gain financial acumen in a spirited, fast-paced environment. Importantly, they’ll be able to connect their day-to-day decisions and actions to business results, increasing accountability for delivering those results in the process.

Source: Culture Partners customer survey

Impact5: The Business of Leadership Game®

This interactive business simulation challenges your teams with a series of decisions. Their critical thinking skills are put to the test as they determine the short- and long-term impacts those decisions will have on their organization, customers, and financial results. In the end, this exercise strengthens core leadership accountabilities.

Right Turns: Change in Action®

Right Turns is a powerful learning experience focused on change management, guiding your employees and managers to explore the realities of change and the path to future success. Whether your participants are dealing with organizational change or leading it, this dynamic learning session builds understanding, alignment, and commitment for any corporate strategy.


Zodiak's versatility has allowed us to adapt it to a large number of business situations and cultures. It really meets our audience's varied needs ”


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