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Manufacturing, consumer products, telecommunications, energy, and other organizations face tough decisions every day about processes, people, products, finances, and customers. How their leaders, managers, sales teams, and employees address these issues through a lens of business acumen is critical.

Zodiak allows learners to experience the financial and strategic determinants of organizational success. Through discovery learning, participants experience how their everyday decisions contribute to the organization’s top and bottom lines.

The Simulation Experience

An immersive storyline introduces learners to business acumen concepts in a hands-on, visual setting (tailored to multiple learning styles). As small teams of learners become new owners of the struggling Zodiak company, they take out loans, attract investors, purchase equipment and materials, invest in product development and innovation, and deliver products and services to customers.

By understanding the big picture of how business works and how organizations make money, participants begin to see how their actions affect their organization’s top and bottom lines.

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About Culture Partners

For 34 years, Culture Partners has empowered clients across the world to unleash the power of culture. Using human industrial-organizational psychological methods, we help organizations achieve record-breaking results by connecting experiences, beliefs, and actions to those results through culture. Our culture management frameworks and tools help thousands of top organizations realize their potential by owning their growth.

Our senior partners, who deliver the work within organizations, have 277 years of combined experience in culture, change management, prioritization, and working with the C-Level.

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