Uncovering the Key Factors That Determine Your Culture Strength

The case for culture deepens. In new research, we have found that when organizations create positive, results-driven cultures, they level up — even in a challenging context of workplace redefinition, soaring employee turnover rates, and employee disengagement.

Surveying 4,960 employee responses from 26 different organizations, our research team has determined four key factors for improving Culture Strength: positive experiences, beliefs, actions, and results. When all four are engaged, combining to activate The Results Pyramid®, overall company Culture Strength improved 62%.

This is good news as the media hones in on workplace trends such as quiet quitting, quiet firing, and waves of antiwork discourse following the height of the pandemic. Amidst the changes, there are solid ways for leaders to steer ahead and leave trends behind. At the center is determining, creating, and sustaining Culture Strength.


Discover our findings on Culture Strength and how to harness it using the Results Pyramid®.

Join Jessica Kriegel, Chief Scientist of Workplace Culture, as she unpacks the research in our upcoming webinar, illuminating how Culture Strength is achievable, how turnover can be turned around, and how organizations can unify their workplace culture to obtain results.

For another look at our Results Pyramid model and why it works in a time of flux, download our white paper, The Results Pyramid & The Paradox of Culture Change, by Gerard Beenen, Professor of Management at California State University, Fullerton.

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