The Lasting Impact of a Strong Keynote Speaker

Some organizations think of keynote speeches as one-offs. But the right keynote speaker can create a memorable experience — literally setting the major key — for your people that shakes up stagnant energy in a culture so that all can move with positivity and motivation. A keynote is a golden opportunity to reset and reconnect your people to purpose. (Think of the mega-popularity of TED Talks: there’s a reason why we love them.)

Our own Culture Expert Keynotes feature a suite of seasoned speakers and workplace culture experts. Led by our Chief Scientist of Workplace Culture Jessica Kriegel, our speakers inspire organizations and associations, in-person and online, whatever the size of the event or retreat may be. Each of our speakers guides organizations globally and across industries through today’s culture challenges such as lack of innovation, difficulties sustaining employee engagement, strengthening DEI, and shifts in leadership (and the more seismic shifts of M&A). 

Never underestimate the power of the keynote.

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