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Company culture is critical in running a business, offering valuable insights into what makes you tick. A strong company culture typically leads to benefits like higher employee retention, success in reaching goals, and better employee satisfaction. To assist with company culture, it’s helpful to have software as one of many actionable insights for your team.

If you’re interested in learning more about some of the top company culture software options on the market, you’re in the right place. There are ample areas to address in an organizational culture if you want to shift to a positive culture, and software is a surefire way to create beneficial performance management, higher employee engagement, and a positive company culture.

What Is Software for Company Culture?

Culture company software is a form of technology that permits the creation of programs, and qualities, and provides support for those working in a business. It will make your company something people want to work for and foster a positive company culture that will bring about positive employee feedback and a more productive atmosphere for in-person and remote teams.

There are also specific uses for varying forms of software across company culture. Some software might focus on collecting employee surveys over time, while others strive to create a strong company culture through various games and quizzes. Ultimately, it’s up to the leadership of culture consultants to determine what will foster the best high-performing team and culture.

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Benefits to Company Culture Software

Before jumping into a company culture software, it’s helpful to know what you’re getting into. After all, investing in a company culture software will take more of your time and resources to bring to life. When looking at an employee engagement platform, what are some of the benefits you will find if you choose to invest in this employee experience platform?

A few benefits of a company culture software platform include the following:

  • Easy access to team building
  • Effective implementation of employee engagement levels
  • Wellness benefits for employee happiness
  • Positive employee recognition 
  • Simple employee communication and collaboration
  • Lower employee turnover rates

There are ample good things you’ll find with company culture software.

An effective program will make for happy employees and positive leaders, creating a system where workers grow closer together. It also serves as an excellent feedback tool, which can turn into higher retention rates as leaders know what is necessary to make more positive employee sentiments and improve overall employee development. 

Top Software Selections for Company Culture

Of course, there are ample choices available for company culture software, from options that benefit employee performance to tactics that celebrate employee achievements and even lead to employee advocacy. While there are ample available company culture tools, we have a few selections that stand out the most for a positive and healthy workplace culture.


The first selection on our list is Awardco, a platform designed to lower the amount of money spent, improve productivity among engaged employees, and foster an overall positive work culture. It is a recognition software tool that aims to provide managers with the ability to participate in tech recognition taking flight in employee morale.

You’ll find the following in Awardco:

  • Integration with communication methods like Slack
  • Lifestyle spending accounts for an ongoing reward system
  • Social feed for sharing reactions and comments

There’s much to enjoy here.

Through Awardco, employees can use points towards items as they succeed, creating higher morale and confidence as hard workers experience recognition. The basic version of the platform costs $2,500, and they offer demos for those who want to see if it will work in their corporate culture first. 


Next up is Nectar, a software that exists to create a cohesive culture and improve employee retention rates through positive reinforcement and excellent opportunities for employees. It’s a way to pass out rewards and publicly provide positive employee feedback mechanisms while ensuring the values remain on top.

You’ll find the following in Nectar:

  • Hashtags for promoting high-value items and company culture necessities
  • Simple vendor management without all the negotiating
  • Survey filters to easily seek improvement sections

It’s a straightforward and effective way to create a culture amp.

Nectar is an excellent way to foster a sense of community while providing influence towards the best core values and forming a positive work environment, all at the same time. It’s like many social networks with a gear targeted towards business. You can access Nectar for a starting price of $2.75 a month per user, going up to $4.00 per user per month. They offer a free trial, too.


Like the real-life term the software is named after, Bucketlist is a way to easily celebrate employee achievement and a job well done, fostering a healthy culture of recognition that will lead to success and a positive work environment. It makes providing real-time feedback and boosting employees simpler than ever before.

You’ll find the following in Bucketlist:

  • Team building competitions for friendly competition and teamwork
  • Employee incentives with the freedom to choose and peer recognition
  • Dashboard with insights into long-term success, focusing on areas of improvement and gaps in the company structure through engagement and motivation

There’s much to love in Bucketlist.

If you want to learn more about the pricing for this software, you must speak to the business themselves. However, they also provide a free trial if you want to test it out before committing to their basic plan. 


Motivosity is another game-changing software for company culture, providing an attractive interface that is welcoming to anyone who uses it. The goal of this platform is to form an engaging environment and boost the overall mood through its interactivity and structure.

You’ll find the following in Motivosity:

  • 360-degree feedback to offer innovative career insights
  • Various surveys to investigate morale in the company
  • Various individual development plans to benefit employees

These are essential for offering real-time insights and moving towards the primary goal.

You can invest in Motivosity for $0-$5 a month per user, depending on the variety of the software you use. They don’t have a free trial, but they have an available demo for companies interested in making Motivosity theirs. 

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Our next selection for company culture software is WorkTango, a software made to provide perks and overall empower your team to take on new and exciting features. Everyone on the site can observe the qualities that are needed, and incentives, and reinforce various values along the way.

You’ll find the following features in WorkTango:

  • Badge options to bring specific skills to life
  • Anniversary and birthday celebrations to create a social media atmosphere
  • Core value sidebars visible to everyone

WorkTango works to recognize employees and make interactions much better.

The highlight of WorkTango is the offering of perks so employees can see specific rewards they can obtain by participating in workflows. You can invest in this system for a starting price of $5 per month per user, depending on the package you purchase, and there’s a possible free trial.

Another selection is, a software geared toward providing easy organization that also benefits the culture. It’s a visual tool that makes it much simpler to manage various organizations, teams, and projects in a colorful and enjoyable display.

Here are a few features you’ll find on

  • Minimal errors and automated saving
  • The simple board customization process
  • SaaS model integration

These factors make organization and an uptick in company culture easily obtainable. 

If you use, you’ll access every tool necessary to create tools and structures for remote teams to work well together. You can invest in it for $8-$16 per month per user, and they do provide a free trial option. 

Water Cooler Trivia

Want a simple way to connect? In that case, you might consider Water Cooler Trivia to bring your team together and uplift your company culture. This platform provides weekly trivia for your employees, allowing healthy competition and continuous learning.

You’ll find the following features in Water Cooler Trivia:

  • Automatic response reports for entertainment
  • Various customization options
  • Huge bank of questions

There are many things you can do with Water Cooler Trivia. 

Water Cooler Trivia is a way for employees to learn more about each other and interact in a way that used to be possible with the classic water cooler. You can purchase it for $10-$250 per month, and they provide a one-month free trial for interested participants. 


Next up is Wrike, a software that assists with collaboration, management, goal achievement, and the drive for various strategic initiatives. It’s a way to organize and keep company culture upbeat.

Here are a few features you will find in Wrike:

  • Possibility of cross-tagging teams for context across projects
  • Simple project management with a central hub
  • User-friendly system

Wrike is an excellent way to work without the confusion of other platforms.

Collaboration and intuition sit at the core of Wrike’s design. You can access it for $4.80 a month, but they offer a free version with a very minimal number of features. They also provide several free trial options for interested parties.


Our final recommendation for culture company software is Charthop, a software that offers data-driven and dynamic engagement options. It’s much simpler to keep track of your organizational structure and make decisions through ChartHop.

Here are some features you will find in ChartHop:

  • Various people analytics
  • Diversity and inclusion metrics
  • Organizational charting

ChartHop is a dream for those who love visuals.

You can invest in ChartHop for a specific custom price point depending on the size and needs of your business. Also, ChartHop Basic is free for the first 150 employees on the system.


What are the three C’s of company culture?

The three C’s of company culture include culture, consistency, and communication. These three items work together to create an effective system that will allow employee retention and push your business culture forward in the right direction. 

How do you know if a company has a good culture?

There are many items to look for to determine if a company has an excellent culture. A few of the most significant include a low rate of employee turnover, minimal politics in the office, significant corporate values, valuable internal communication, and more. 

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