Results and Feedback

Recently, one of our clients had been experiencing a prolonged decline in sales.

Numerous turnaround attempts were made, but nothing seemed to halt the relentless slide. Eventually, the company’s leadership team turned to our Accountability Builder. Within a matter of weeks, the work teams and office locations that had received the training were beginning to turn things around.

Their rallying cry became “Talking to each other about the Key Results works wonders!” Several months later, after everyone in the organization had completed the work, the company’s long slide came to an end as they experienced a solid and steady upturn in sales. It’s a powerful testimony to the vital correlation between results and feedback.

Based on our experience, the most important feedback you can exchange is feedback focused on Key Results or cultural shifts designed to facilitate the delivery of improved Key Results.

Whatever your team or your organization most needs to achieve—which often involves greater accountability and alignment around achieving the Key Results—should determine the topics of your weekly and monthly one-on-ones.

However, just as important as the feedback exchanged during weekly and monthly one-on-ones, are the feedback exchanges that take place daily as an integral part of doing business and making progress toward delivering the desired results.

Frequent feedback focused on the delivery of Key Results always accelerates and facilitates movement in the right direction toward the desired outcome—such feedback is one of the hallmarks of a Culture of Accountability.

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