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Partners In Leadership Announces Rebrand to Culture Partners

Partners In Leadership, a leading culture management consulting firm, announced today that it has completed its brand overhaul initiative. This change will allow Culture Partners to better communicate their purpose to the world.

Partners In Leadership, founded by the authors of The Oz Principle and Change the Culture, Change the Game in 1989, has since supported thousands of clients in achieving their Key Results through culture. The rebrand includes a new logo, website, eLearning platform, and more. With a simplified, bold color scheme, and straightforward brand voice, Culture Partners will connect with potential clients in a more direct manner.

To propel the rebrand forward, the Culture Partners marketing team partnered with Grizzly, an independent creative agency based in San Diego, Calif. Using market research and insights, Grizzly and Culture Partners created branding elements that speak to Culture Partners’ renewed purpose and brand strategy.

“We are very excited to bring this adventurous brand system to life for Culture Partners,” said Nate Spees, CEO of Grizzly. “The modern name and compelling visual identity will help Culture Partners stand out and further amplify its position as the leader in culture change for organizations around the globe.”

In order to create a seamless digital experience, Culture Partners also partnered with Scout Digital, a creative agency based in Burlington, VT, to overhaul the look and feel of the Culture Partners website.

“This new brand now reflects, externally, who we really are as an organization,” says Tommy Lynn, EVP of Marketing at Culture Partners. “We are bold, smart and inspiring in our unique approach to bring purpose to organizations and transform businesses through culture.”

“We are energized about what this rebrand signifies for our employees, our clients and the vision of our company,” says Joe Terry, CEO of Culture Partners. “We’ve been successful over the last 33 years as Partners In Leadership; now we catapult forward as Culture Partners to unleash the power of culture to inspire organizations and people to reach their full potential.”

The new Culture Partners name and branding is rooted in the organization’s core value to create a positive organizational culture. The brand identity and voice is indicative of the brand’s key elements: simple and bold.

To further explore the new brand, visit

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