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Partners In Leadership Recognized as 2020 Top Leadership Training Company

Partners In Leadership, LLC, the firm that equips clients with a proven culture management framework to improve and sustain organizational performance, announces that the company has been recognized as a Training Industry’s 2020 Top 20 Leadership Training Company.

“Part of one of the most competitive and closely watched training sectors, this year’s Top 20 Leadership Training Companies are leading the way by providing businesses with strategic and inventive leadership development to enhance and transform their entire workforce,” said Ken Taylor, President of Training Industry, Inc. “These companies continue to expand their topic offerings to deliver the training that companies need, including generational leadership, women in leadership, and agile leadership.”

Partners In Leadership leverages training methods in its culture management process, offering a diverse set of programs to help leaders get intentional about culture management, hold others accountable in a positive way, and create experiences for employees that lead to better results. These include:

  • Leading During Uncertainty — A free live online series providing insights for leaders who are suddenly managing culture in remote teams and dealing with unprecedented disruption.
  • Virtual Workshops — Courses that inspire new ways of thinking, build stronger leaders, and elevate accountability across organizations — no matter how dispersed or remote.
  • Culture Advantage Index — A statistically reliable tool that establishes a baseline of an organization’s current culture and tracks progress toward desired results.
  • Leadership Builder® — A program for leaders to hone their capacity to hold others accountable in a positive, principled way.
  • The Edge — A C-suite journal providing methodology, data, and case studies to guide C-suite executives in how to master the art and science of shaping corporate culture.

“We are honored to be recognized among premier leadership training organizations as a 2020 Top Leadership Training company,” said Brent Barton, President and CEO of Partners In Leadership. “We will continue to innovate learning experiences and delivery modalities that enable leaders to build the skills they need to manage culture in an uncertain world.”

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