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Dr. Jessica Kriegel’s TEDx Talk: How to Get People to Give a Sh*t 

We are proud to announce that our Chief Scientist of Workplace Culture, Dr. Jessica Kriegel’s TEDx talk, “How to Get People to Give a Sh*t,” is now live. In this presentation, Dr. Jessica delves into a crucial aspect of human behavior that resonates with our mission at Culture Partners: how to inspire genuine care and engagement in both personal and professional spheres. 

Dr. Jessica’s approach to enhancing workplace culture and individual accountability goes beyond conventional methods. She emphasizes the importance of shifting underlying beliefs through meaningful experiences, a perspective that mirrors the transformative processes we champion at Culture Partners. By focusing on the root causes of disengagement, Dr. Jessica reveals how creating a culture of accountability and engagement is not just about implementing new policies or incentives but about fundamentally altering how individuals perceive their roles and the impact of their actions. 

The principles highlighted in Dr. Jessica’s talk align with the foundational beliefs that guide our work with organizations. At Culture Partners, we understand that for a culture of accountability and engagement to thrive, it must be cultivated through intentional practices and strategies that resonate on a personal level. Dr. Jessica’s discussion on the power of recognition, feedback, and storytelling offers actionable insights that any leader can implement to foster a more engaged and accountable team. 

Her presentation not only reinforces the importance of understanding human motivation and behavior but also showcases the potential for lasting change when individuals feel genuinely connected to their work and the larger goals of the organization. This is the essence of what we aim to achieve at Culture Partners, helping organizations build a culture where everyone feels empowered to contribute their best, driven by a shared sense of purpose and responsibility. 

The concept of the Results Pyramid seamlessly connects with the themes of Dr. Jessica’s TEDx talk, even as her presentation itself does not directly reference this framework. At Culture Partners, the Results Pyramid stands as a cornerstone of our methodology, illustrating the journey from experiences through beliefs and actions to achieve results. This pathway resonates with Dr. Jessica’s emphasis on the transformative power of shaping beliefs via impactful experiences to foster greater engagement and accountability. By delineating how organizational experiences influence beliefs, which in turn dictate actions leading to specific outcomes, the Results Pyramid offers a profound understanding of the dynamics at play. This understanding is crucial for organizations aiming to cultivate a culture where every action is aligned with achieving their strategic objectives, echoing the vital insights shared by Dr. Jessica in her talk. 

Dr. Jessica’s TEDx talk serves as a valuable resource for anyone looking to enhance engagement and accountability within their team or organization. It’s a testament to the innovative thinking and evidence-based strategies that guide our work at Culture Partners, underscoring our commitment to transforming workplace cultures for the better. 

To view her TEDx talk, go to 

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