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Culture Partners Announces New Global Channel Partner Network

Culture Partners, an industry-leading culture consulting company based in the U.S., today announced its expansion of 32 partners including partners in 15 new countries. With plans for continued growth into multiple countries worldwide, this is a large step towards global operations.

Culture Partners (formerly Partners in Leadership) has been in operation since 1989 and was founded by the authors of the NY Times Bestselling books The OZ Principle and Change The Culture, Change The Game. Their methodology has allowed Culture Partners to help many organizations activate culture.

“Organizational culture supersedes geographical borders,” says Joe Terry, CEO of Culture Partners. “We believe that passion and purpose extends to all corners of the globe, no matter what industry you’re in.”

Currently operating in countries such as the U.K., Germany, France, India, Finland, Malaysia, China, Saudi Arabia, and more, Culture Partners is seeking Independent Partners to help organizations unleash the power of culture in many other countries. These professionals should have 15-20 years of experience and be experts in the management consultant arena.

“Organizations across the globe benefit from healthy company cultures. With that in mind, we’re building a network of Independent Partners local to our target locations,” says Roger Snow, EVP of Global Channel Partnerships at Culture Partners. “This is a great opportunity for someone to come in and share their passion and knowledge for creating trust and accountability in the workplace.”

“Our mission is to serve the world by unleashing the power of culture to inspire people and businesses to reach their full potential,” says Terry. “This global expansion will ensure we deliver world-class service to every corner of the world to fulfill that mission.”

To learn about becoming a part of the Culture Partners Independent Partners network, visit

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