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Culture Partners & UKG Form Strategic Alliance

The Collaboration Combines Behavioral Science with Award-Winning HCM Technology to Unlock Business Performance

Culture Partners and UKG have formed a strategic collaboration to help organizations activate culture to create more people-centric experiences, further driving and sustaining business growth.

The partnership marries UKG’s award-winning HCM solutions with Culture Partners’ research-based culture management strategies, delivering a unique combination designed to guide organizations through culture transformation initiatives to elevate performance and achieve measurable results.

This alliance represents an unmatched combination of culture alignment strategies that will provide businesses and their people with the opportunity to reach their full potential.

“Culture is what ultimately determines business performance and success. This alliance with UKG will help organizations navigate the critical intersection of employee behavior and company process, policy, and technology, in order to more successfully navigate high impact culture change initiatives.”

Joe Terry
CEO, Culture Partners

Culture Partners is a leader in results-driven culture transformation. Using human industrial-organizational psychological methods, Culture Partners helps organizations embark on a Culture Equation Journey that activates research-based tools, methods, and intentions to cultivate employee ownership through experiences, beliefs, and actions. UKG is a leader in HCM cloud solutions, and its differentiated Life-work Technology™ approach to HR, payroll, and workforce management solutions for all people helps organizations anticipate and adapt to their employees’ needs beyond just work.

“Our Life-Work Technology approach to solution design provides autonomy, flexibility, and purpose to people while fostering skills development and creating high-performing teams that drive business success. For the same reasons we brought Great Place to Work into the UKG family, this collaboration with Culture Partners continues our journey to bring organizations access to research-based strategies and consulting services to create workplaces where all people can find purpose and a sense of belonging.”

Patrick Lannon
Vice President of Global Alliances, UKG


In addition to the strengths of UKG and Culture Partners in driving engaged culture is the application of the Great Places to Work Institute, which UKG acquired in 2021. Great Places to Work helps organizations with employee-centric insights that can be combined with UKG HCM solutions and Culture Partners’ data-driven approach to assess, benchmark, and enhance culture by improving organizational health, elevating the life-work journey, and giving an even greater voice to the employee.

“Getting a Return-On-Culture is possible if you can activate it swiftly and correctly. Aligning our two companies through technology will bring together the best of AI-powered tools and human-centered insights to accelerate the reach and impact of both Culture Partners and UKG — and guide all our clients in getting real business results with employees who feel fulfilled.” 

Dr. Jessica Kriegel
Chief Scientist of Workplace Culture, Culture Partners

Contact us to learn more about a results-driven management approach, now amplified by our alliance with UKG.

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