Creating a Strong, Healthy Work Culture

According to recent studies, most employees say they value a strong company culture over higher pay. A competitive salary and benefits package are all well and good, but no one wants to go to a workplace they hate every day. If you want to build a strong business and attract better talent, you need to create a healthy, happy work culture.

But how do you go about creating a healthy culture in the workplace? It may seem like an intangible aspect of doing business, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. When done right, culture is leverage you can use to achieve the results you need. Read on to learn how you can change your work culture and make it a place employees will be proud to work for. 

Align Your Organization on the Results 

One of the first things you can do to start improving your company culture is to set clear expectations and results for your employees and departments. It can be easy to let results fall to the wayside as you get distracted with other duties or if you want to avoid seeming too “bossy.” But all that does is leaves your team floundering, never sure if they’re doing what you want.

Setting clear expectations and benchmarks lets people gauge how they’re succeeding in their work. If someone in your organization isn’t meeting goals, collaborate with them to find solutions that will help them thrive. And when people do meet or exceed your goals, recognize and reward those accomplishments.

Promote Diversity and Inclusivity 

Another important step in your journey to create a healthy culture in the workplace is promoting diversity and inclusivity in your team. The more diverse your team is, the more unique perspectives you have working on every solution. Your team may also learn to be more empathetic as they interact with people outside their personal sphere.

Make it a point to hire people from diverse racial backgrounds, gender identities, sexual identities, and cultural heritages. Work to create a space of inclusivity, where these people are free to be openly themselves without fear of harassment or judgment. You’ll be amazed at how much your team thrives when you foster an atmosphere of acceptance and equality. 


Encourage Authenticity 

Oftentimes, in the attempt to create a professional environment, companies make employees feel like they always have to be “on.” They may feel like they can’t make a joke or share any aspects of their personal life at work. And while professional behavior is important, it’s hard to create a healthy workplace culture if everyone has to put up a front all the time.

Create a culture where it’s okay for your employees to relax a little and show their genuine selves in the workplace. Let people use emojis and memes in their emails, and don’t be afraid to let people show their true personalities.

Of course, professionalism is critical in interactions with customers and clients. But behind the scenes, let people be a little more natural in their interactions. 

Give Recognition

Many people claim to never receive any type of feedback on their job performance, let alone recognition for positive contributions. Recognition is a great way to promote and reward employees when they go above and beyond. 

If someone in your organization does something that gets you closer to the business outcomes you’re trying to achieve, why not give them a shout-out in your next team meeting? Not only does this make your employees feel good, it also creates a good experience for them. It fosters an environment of accountability and boosts morale.  

Integrate Trust from the Top Down 

Trust is a critical part of any healthy workplace culture, but it needs to come from the top down. You hired your people because you felt like they were the best fit for the role and for their expertise, so allow them to showcase it.

Remember, everyone in your organization is an adult, and should be trusted and treated as such. Give your employee autonomy and empower them to take ownership over the situations they face. And when someone comes to leadership with an idea or concern, make sure they feel heard and respected during those conversations. 

Gather Honest Feedback

Perhaps the most important thing you can do to create a healthy workplace culture is to listen to your employees. No one knows better than your team what they need to succeed. You may think a casual Friday policy would help boost morale, but those efforts may not connect with your employees’ everyday needs.

Make sure your employees know that they can always give feedback to upper management. And more than that, make concerted efforts to set up listening sessions and talk to employees about what they need. Listen to their suggestions, take them seriously, and implement the ones that make sense for your organization. Sometimes the best ideas come from unexpected places.

Learn to Create a Strong, Aligned, and Accountable Work Culture

Creating a healthy culture in the workplace is a great way to improve morale, boost productivity, attract better talent, and build a stronger organization. Start by setting clear goals for your team and making trust, empathy, and accountability a part of your organization at every level. Bring in diverse perspectives, let people be their authentic selves, and listen to your employees when they tell you what they need. 

If you’d like to learn to create a better work culture, reach out to us. We can help you to activate your culture for sustained growth. Contact us today and start unleashing the power of your culture by embarking on a culture journey to deliver more impactful results.

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