Focused on five leadership accountabilities

  • Achieve measurable results aligned with organizational goals.
  • Champion change to drive innovation, creativity and growth.
  • Influence the business across organizational boundaries.
  • Engage, develop, and leverage diverse talent.
  • Take action to become an effective, resilient, and trusted leader.

The Simulation Experience

Learners take the role of managing a department and working closely with reports and leadership peers for two simulated years. They must digest volumes of information coming at them, simulating a typical leader’s inbox, make decisions based on that information and their interpretation of situations, and analyze the consequences of their decisions in the long- and short-term future.

Gaming elements increase interactivity, provide a method of visually tracking results on a game board, and add an element of competition.

The Impact5 classroom-based simulation, used within a leadership development curriculum or as part of a leadership event or initiative, helps ensure your managers are ready to guide teams toward the right financial, customer, and operational results.

Learning Objectives

Take personal action to impact targeted financial, strategic, operational, and/or customer objectives:

  • Make better decisions by considering potential big-picture impact(s), using the Decision Impact Analysis Tool
  • Demonstrate more effective communication and collaboration approaches within and outside of departments/teams to impact strategic and financial success
  • Take actions and make decisions in alignment with your organization’s priorities and using the leadership concepts and behaviors defined within the Business Impact AccountabilitiesTM framework
  • Use a higher-level critical thinking approach (and tools) to analyze and evaluate information
  • Take action to develop personal knowledge, attributes, and leadership skills
  • Monitor and adjust leadership focus (time and attention), using the Leadership Focus Self-Assessment Tool