Why Culture Matters

Culture drives everything else that happens in an organization–but many companies struggle to manage culture to their benefit, let alone define it. This workshop begins that process.

Watch: Our CEO defines 'culture'

The Workshop Experience

Your team will walk through the following:

  • Creating a results-driven culture
  • Defining culture
  • Defining purpose, vision, strategy, and key results
  • Accelerating change
  • Improving feedback mechanisms
  • Promoting employee recognition
  • Clarifying the future roles of all team members

Let's Personalize A Culture Equation Workshop For You


The Benefits

All workshops are delivered by our senior experts, who have a collective 277 years of experience in delivering culture and change management work.

Standalone Benefit: You’ll begin to quickly align your leadership team or division around strategy, key results, and priorities – and start taking immediate action.

Longer, Embedded Benefit: You’ll have the opportunity to convert to a longer engagement – the Culture Equation Journey, which spans three years and brings the full depth of Culture Partners’ nearly three centuries of change management and culture experience to hundreds of touchpoints.