Change That Actually Sticks

Achieving lasting improvements to your core products, delivery, or other business operations requires a simultaneous culture change, so your organization can adapt and grow. The Culture Equation Journey sets you up for long-term success. Throughout your journey, you’ll tap into the power of a combined 277 years of culture and change experience across our senior partners.

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Long-Term ROI

By aligning purpose, strategy, and culture, Culture Equation Journey participants average 44.9% revenue growth over three years. Compare that to those without significant culture shifts in a three-year span, who only saw 10% revenue growth in the same period.

At the same time, one client in the aluminum and metals space saw 119% growth in Adjusted EBITDA while working through their Culture Equation Journey.

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The Delivery Experience And Your Choice

The Culture Equation Journey follows a proven, prescriptive approach to align your culture with your organization’s purpose and strategy. This includes addressing thousands of touchpoints across a three-year journey—with continuous assessments, reviews, and updates, along with ongoing development, to promote an adaptable, resilient culture. And the journey doesn’t have to end there—you can iterate on success or retarget efforts wherever needed.

The Culture Equation Workshop, a two-day engagement, helps you reach agreement on your purpose, vision, strategic priorities, key measures of success, and the beliefs that will help get you there. Plus, you’ll receive guidance on how to create that desired culture. When you see strong results from that, we can discuss the next steps involved in a longer engagement where you can extend and build on these early benefits.

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