How You Hold Others Accountable Matters

Your success and reputation as a leader rely on the performance of others. Through the Accountability for Leaders program, leaders like you can learn how to hold others accountable effectively and successfully in a positive, principled way.

During this one-day interactive workshop, your development centers around the powerful Accountability Sequence® model. The model’s FORM component establishes expectations that are frameable, obtainable, repeatable, and measurable—a simple but revolutionary process promoting solid understanding and execution.

You’ll learn the Why-What-When® approach to communications, including how to make the “Why” more compelling to increase your team’s engagement. Easy-to-employ, memorable methods for alignment and inspection complete the model’s time-tested process for establishing expectations.

The engagement also covers how to manage unmet or in-jeopardy expectations. You’ll be able to tap into powerful tools for overcoming excuses and changing beliefs and experiences that are hindering your team’s progress—helping you guide and empower your team to deliver on expectations. In the end, both you and your team will benefit from greater accountability, improved results, and better morale.

Let's Build You An Accountable Culture

Proven Concepts and Tools

Accountability for Leaders delivers powerful, practical training concepts and tools, such as:

  • Positive Accountability – Learn to lead and hold others accountable in a positive, principled way.
  • The FORM Model – Improve execution through a model that establishes expectations that are frameable, obtainable, repeatable, and measure—so your team can work together more confidently and cohesively.
  • Establishing the “Why” – Learn to explain the “Why” behind each expectation. Accelerate your team past low engagement by fostering can-do mindsets.
  • Accountability Troubleshooting – Employ the listen, identify, facilitate, and test (LIFT) model for having accountability coaching conversations.
  • Experience Dialogue – Master this powerful two-way communication tool for uncovering cultural beliefs that are impeding performance and reshape those beliefs to contribute toward successfully delivering on expectations.

Benefits To Leaders

Through Accountability for Leaders training, you’ll establish greater clarity and understanding around accountability. You’ll know how to guide your employees—individually and as a team—to meet expectations and coach them effectively when they don’t. By doing so, you’ll promote higher employee engagement, morale, and job satisfaction—all key to boosting performance and improving results.

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Praise From Leaders Like You

The Accountability for Leaders training was the single, best program I have seen in my career. Culture Partners was great at helping us break down silos, getting people communicating appropriately, and focusing everyone on results.
- President, Pharmaceutical Company