Better Results From Improved Accountability

What one client achieved working with Culture Partners to improve accountability:
  • Doubled annual sales
  • Cut a 4-year development cycle to 18 months
  • Ideated 14 new products in 14 months

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Accountability Workshop

During an on-site or virtual Accountability Workshop, your team participates in an intensive one-day session that introduces a personal, proactive, and powerful new definition of Accountability. Here’s what you can expect:
  • Alignment around a common language and framework based on the concept of positive accountability.
  • Powerful tools and models that promote feedback and operationalize accountability.
  • A shift in mindset, so that people continually ask themselves “What else can I do to achieve our results?”
  • Employees wanting to take ownership of their actions and responsibility for outcomes.

[Thanks to the Accountability Workshop,] employees now have a way to talk about situations that were sometimes uncomfortable. It really catapults people into a solution mode.”

Change Leader

Southwest Airlines

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