ATD Watch & Learn Live Webcast September 11, 2023

Are obstacles stalling your change initiative? Join Accountability and Culture Change expert Vince Martinez in an interactive forum to explore—and mitigate—the three biggest obstacles.

Accelerating Change by Overcoming its 3 Greatest Obstacles
To survive, you need to manage change. To thrive, you need to master it. Essential to this mastery is understanding potential obstacles and knowing how to overcome them. So, what are the biggest obstacles that could be standing in your way?

  1. Most people don’t want to change: They simply don’t like it. Their beliefs, based on what’s worked before, are their well-worn touchstones.
  2. Others might not oppose the change, but they do nothing to advance it: They don’t understand the opportunity that change presents, don’t internalize it, or give up early when facing obstacles, rather than continue to problem-solve.
  3. There’s no clarity around objectives: Even when people understand the need for change and have taken ownership of it, unclear objectives doom the change initiative from the start.

Join Accountability and Culture Change expert Vince Martinez in this live, interactive forum to explore these three greatest impediments to change. He will show how you can apply foundational principles of change—supported by two powerful, practical models used worldwide—to accelerate change and elevate personal accountability for organizational results.

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