Game On—An Engaging Way to Boost Financial Understanding

Your ability to deliver the best results depends on employees understanding the financial side of your business. After participating in a Zodiak® workshop, they’ll be able to:
  • See the big picture in terms of what impacts the top and bottom lines
  • Better prioritize their daily actions to align with strategic goals
  • Think and act more strategically to positively impact results
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Zodiak®: The Game of Business Finance and Strategy

During the workshop, your employees and front-line managers engage in a fast-paced simulation, acting as owners of a struggling business who must make critical decisions to turn things around. As a result, they’ll learn to:
  • Understand common financial terms like EBITDA and the difference between profit and cash, as well as interpret basic financial statements
  • Compute, analyze, and understand key financial ratios like ROE, ROA, ROS, & GPM
  • Understand the importance of forecasting and its link to business planning
  • Recognize and understand company-specific metrics and their role in business decisions, while linking business flow to how business success is measured
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Why Boost Business Acumen?


Our people have learned how to act on our customers’ best interests by speaking their language—they truly understand their strategies and situations and can offer some solutions.”

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