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portrait of Jessica Kriegel, workplace culture keynote speaker
For 15+ years, Jessica has been guiding global, national, Fortune 100, and other organizations on how to create intentional cultures that accelerate performance.

After receiving her MBA, Jessica became a global consultant for a human capital management solutions provider. Through her experience, she witnessed countless highly-stressed leaders failing to deliver against lofty financial goals. She knew that if these leaders could transform their cultures, performance and profitability would follow. But, because culture is often viewed as an intangible element of business, these leaders didn’t know where to begin.

So, Jessica set out on a mission to quantify culture. Her doctoral research and consulting engagements with Oracle, Toyota, Lockheed Martin, Federal Reserve, to name a few, led to the Culture Equation – a tested model where strategy combined with culture empowers your people to deliver consistent results.

In 2022, Jessica joined Culture Partners as Chief Scientist of Workplace Culture, where she now focuses on the strategy of culture by applying data-driven insights to dismantle the chaos of poor morale, low performance, and missed financial goals. Leaders lean on her to ask questions that their internal resources may be too afraid or unaware to ask and get the results they need. Her unique ability to analyze organizations in qualitative and quantitative terms and create measurable growth across all levels has made her the go-to ally for global leaders and teams.

If you are looking for a workplace culture keynote speaker who can go into great detail on change, innovation, engagement, wellness and a culture of happiness, reach out to book Jessica today!

Jessica's Keynote Appearances

  • Prudential
  • Amazon
  • SHRM
  • Bank of America
  • Amtrak
  • The International Association of Bankers
  • The Car Wash Show
  • Dozens more
Jessica Kriegel presenting on stage as a workplace culture keynote speaker

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Potential Keynote Topics

  • The overall future of work
  • Automation
  • How to get the most out of your people
  • The role of love at work
  • Increasing attrition
  • Shaping an accountable culture
  • Understanding what “culture” is and what “culture” isn’t 
  • The role of different generations at work, and misunderstandings therein
  • “Work isn’t a family, but it can be a great place.”

What our clients say

Jessica was the highest-rated speaker at our annual conference. She rocked the house!
Kevin Oakes, CEO of I4CP
The Police Leadership Conference was a great success in no small part due to the caliber of our keynote speaker. Jessica’s contribution to the discussion on leadership was extremely informative, well-received, linked directly to policing, and helped shape the conference outcomes.
Deanne Burleigh, Conference Chair, Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Jessica is an inspiring presenter who truly understands the importance of culture and how it enables execution of strategy. She spent significant time studying our business plan, learning about our culture and then pulling it all together for the partnership. Jessica projects confidence but with a heavy dose of authenticity.
Colin Murray CEO of NA Region, Baker & McKenzie
Jessica gave an incredible keynote. She knocked it out of the park! She was referenced so many times throughout the rest of the program and was such a key part of the success of our event.
Penny Goldsberry Meeting Planner and Founder, Event One Meetings
Dr. Jessica Kriegel is an engaging, insightful, and compelling speaker. She enthralled our in-person all-company meeting for over 2 hours and kept our attention rapt throughout by engaging the audience with humor, wisdom, and authentic dialogue. What’s so impressive about her is the way she connected content that was as relevant to our senior executives as it was to folks at the beginning of their career journeys—drawing rave reviews along the way.
Eric Hunn Head of People, Premier Nutrition Company

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The Book:
Unfairly Labeled

How your workplace can benefit from ditching generational stereotypes

There are 80 million Millennials in America, and myriad books on “managing Millennials” and “working with Millennials” and “the problem with Millennials.” In Unfairly Labeled, Jessica Kriegel challenges the very concept of “generational differences” as an unfair generalization. Jessica offers a roadmap for creating an intentional culture that works for all generations.

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