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Most leaders spend significantly more time on strategy, but realize that spending more time on culture would have greater impact. This typically happens because strategy is easier to operationalize, and executives inherently understand it. Culture? Not always.

Do it right and you’ll win big.

Our Expertise

Our senior partners, who deliver our IP to clients, have a collective 277 years of experience around culture, change management, fostering accountability in teams, and prioritization. They typically work directly with C- and S-Level leaders on defining goals and pathways. Each approach is completely personalized to that organization and its history.

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Marcus Nicolls, Chief Revenue Officer

Explore our newest research -- on which type of culture can yield 316% revenue growth

Client Achievements

200% increase in profit margin within 18 months

7,000% return on equity investment; most successful “split-off” in Wall Street history.

14 new products in 14 months.

29% improvement in annual HR survey.

30% reduction in administrative costs.

81% reduction in days lost due to injury.

102 point turnaround in employee net promoter score in less than a year. 

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