Our Framework

We root everything in day-to-day experiences of employees, which ultimately become results of the organization. If you can master the experience level, you can get the ROI.

Client Success Stories

Client Achievements

200% increase in profit margin within 18 months

7,000% return on equity investment; most successful “split-off” in Wall Street history.

14 new products in 14 months.

29% improvement in annual HR survey.

30% reduction in administrative costs.

81% reduction in days lost due to injury.

102 point turnaround in employee net promoter score in less than a year. 

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A Few Cultures We've Shaped

Our Clients Say:

PETRONAS has experienced accelerated results in strategy execution and speed-to-market while making excellent progress in our transformation journey since partnering with the leaders in culture change management.
Wan Zulkiflee, Former President and Group CEO, PETRONAS
From the top all the way to a team member in a restaurant, [Culture Partners] enabled the idea that everyone could impact the four Key Results. If you can get 100,000 people to buy into the idea that everyone can impact those four Key Results, you have alignment and you can't point the finger because you own the most important results in the organization.
Doug Brooks, Former Chairman, Brinker International